We are now an official IWW shop!


You all may remember a few months ago when we announced our collective decision to become an IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) closed shop.  This meant that all workers at the cafe, current and future, are and would be union members.  It was an act of solidarity and an appreciation of our roots, some of which lie within the union.  After we were approved by the Portland branch to become an official union shop, the motion then went to the General Executive Board and was approved. So we are now Portland’s official (and only) IWW cafe!

Unfamiliar with the IWW?  Read this, from the website:

“[The IWW] is a fighting labor union that believes that the interests of labor can be fully served only when working people are united as a class. It wants to see all on the same job united, all in the same industry in one union, all who work for wages in one big union.

The IWW differs sharply from the position of other unions in that, we believe the problems of the working class can not be solved by begging crumbs from employers or praying to politicians for favors. While it fights for better conditions today, the IWW insists that working people are entitled to everything they produce, instead of a meager share.

There will be insecurity and hunger among those who toil for as long as there is an employing class that benefits from low wages and evil working conditions. The IWW holds that there can be no solution to industrial warfare, no end to injustice and want, until the profit system itself is abolished.

In striving to unite labor as a class in one big union the IWW also seeks to build the structure of a new and better social order within the shell of the old system which fails to provide for the needs of all.”

For more information, we encourage you to visit the website, http://www.iww.org, and read more about the union.


In solidarity,

Red and Black Collective


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