The Red and Black has new coffee!

We searched high and low for a coffee company that could consistently provide us with better quality coffee and that maintained our commitment to ecologically sustainable coffee grown at fair wages. 

So we went with Equal Exchange, a purveyor of truly excellent coffee that was the first to distribute organic and fair trade coffee way back in the 80’s.  Equal exchange also happens to be a worker-owned, democratically-run cooperative that only does business with farms owned and governed democratically by the farmers themselves.  So in other words, when you buy coffee at the Red & Black, you’re buying from an unbroken supply chain made up exclusively of worker-owned cooperatives!  

For those unfamiliar with the term,  ‘fair trade’ means that coffee farmers are paid a higher than market price to ensure that they get fair compensation for their work and that this fact is verified by third party non-profits.  Also: 

 * Producers must be small, family-based growers.

* Producers must be organized into politically independent democratic associations.

* Producers must pursue ecological goals by conserving natural resources and limiting chemical input use.

And, of course, the additional ‘organic’ certification means no synthetic pesticides or herbicides (poisons) are used to grow the coffee.  This makes workers, birds and local ecosystems much better off.

Since we’ve always had organic, fair trade coffee the biggest difference with the switch is the quality.  Equal Exchange has an impressive quality control system for evaluating their  coffee for every stage from bean to cup. 

So come on down for a cup of delicious drip coffee, Americano or Soy Latte.  Want to buy coffee in bulk?  No problem!  You can get some for just $12 / lb!


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