Summer Produce is BACK at the Red and Black!

I know it was hard and tough for everyone, going the whole winter without Avocados or Tomatoes. We had to give up the Green Goddess Salad, the Southwest Chili Deluxe, the Mediterranean Bagel, the TLT, and the avocado option entirely. We tried to hold ourselves over with the local beets, which were wonderful indeed, but while a worthy replacement, not a viable substitute.

But now it’s Summer! Wooooo! It’s Summer time!  We’ve got tomatoes and avocados pouring out of our eyeballs, and they’re all organic and domestic! The great thing is, beets are still domestic, still organic, still delicious, and still red and yellow and earthy and you want them. So, as we move back into our seasonal Summer menu, with everything loaded with avocado and tomato bits, we’ll be bringing beets along…

While tomatoes were vacationing in Mexico all winter, we’d changed the Mediterranean Bagel around to where it could stand on its own without tomatoes. The thing is, the new Mediterranean was universally praised, and so while tomatoes are back, the Mediterranean will remain hummus, tapenade, red peppers, and cucumbers. The new tomato-based Bagel Sandwich is equally blowing peoples’ minds. Named The Margherita, it is a bagel served open faced with Tofutti  cream cheese, a hefty amount of tomato slices, and our new creamy pesto. It’s like two little 4 inch pizzas. You love pizzas!

Some other great things to look forward to: Sweet Potato soup, Mixed Vegetable Breakfast Hash, more of those Cherry Bomb cupcakes you keep eating, and, hopefully, the return of Sourdough Bread from Delphina’s Bakery.

Summer’s gonna be great,
Red & Black Café


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