Have you heard the news?

For those of you who missed the big announcement at our tenth birthday bash … our building is for sale, AND WE MIGHT BUY IT!  Huh?  Let us explain.

Even if you come to the Red and Black frequently, you might not know that there are several rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room right above the cafe.  We, along with several other folks, have an office up there and generally use the kitchen for our collective meetings.  Our landlord wants to sell us the building, and we’re excited about pursuing that possibility.  But we won’t be doing it alone! Our friends and allies, Portland Collective Housing are very interested in trying to help us by the building.

What would this mean, exactly?  It means that the upstairs would be transformed into low-income, collectively-managed housing.  Additionally, the cafe would be paying less per month than it does now in rent, and there would be increased stability and freedom.

Of course, it won’t exactly be easy.  Raising money for the $50,000 downpayment will most certainly prove to be a challenge.  If you’re interested in making a loan or a donation, please contact: rachel_anne@riseup.net.


Portland Collective Housing (PCH) is a non-profit low income housing corporation. PCH is directly controlled by its tenant/members. PCH owns two houses one in North Portland and one in Southeast Portland.

For more information, please contact:

Portland Collective Housing
PO Box 14034
Portland, OR 97293



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