Policies for shows / events

These are the policies for the cafe.  Anyone wanting to host an event MUST read and agree to them.  We’re serious about these policies, so we ask that you please read them carefully and respect them.  If you have any clarifying questions, we’re more than happy to answer them.  Thanks!


·            Be aware of the café’s safer space policy.  This means that NO racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behavior will be tolerated.  If you violate the policy, you will be asked to leave.  Period.

·            All of our shows are free or by donation (for touring bands and benefits).  Therefore, performers do not get paid.  In lieu of this,  all artists will receive food and beverage at the  worker discount, which is 33% percent off the menu price, plus a pitcher of beer / kombucha or the equivalent in food. This includes alcohol if the performer is of age.  We WILL check your ID, so please have it ready.

•          Be respectful of workers – please bus your own table(s).

•          Be respectful of your fellow patrons.

•          Be respectful of the café’s equipment and belongings.  Check with a worker before moving tables, chairs, etc.

•          Start on time, and end on time.   Events start at 7pm MUST be done by 10pm.  Additionally, bands must show up at 6pm to check in, load equipment, etc.

•          In addition to offering a community space, we work hard to make delicious food and beverages.  Tipping is customary and appreciated!

•         We have a small P.A and some microphones, if you need them.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CABLES.  Please let us know exactly what your audio / visual needs are.

•         Please check with the counter workers to see if your levels are acceptable.

•         Sorry, but NO COVERS.   WE’RE SO SERIOUS ABOUT THIS.  Unless you have thousands of dollars to cover the huge ASCAP fine or can give us all jobs if we get shut down, please don’t  play covers.

•         No means no.  If you request something of a worker, don’t be upset with them if they have to refuse you.  Arguing will get you nowhere.

•         Finally, please respect these policies and come hungry (and often)!

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